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Pre-Manufactured Wood Roof Trusses

Holt Lumber Inc. is the Central Valleys Longest running pre-manufactured truss Heavy Wood Trussmanufacturer and supplier in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Since 1990 we have built pre-manufactured trusses for some of the most expansive commercial and residential properties in the area. Time and time again we have proven ourselves as the key player for pre-manufactured trusses and their production. Our qualified staff guarantees a no hassle product that is delivered on site, on time and on budget. With the latest technology is truss design using MITEK software and state of the art construction methods, it is simple to see why Holt Lumber is the Leader in truss Fabrication. Whether it is a residential remodel or a government funded commercial project we have found that our attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competition. We offer a full design package that includes individual truss design engineering, as well as full working layouts for proper truss identification and placement. Once our design staff has engineered your project and approval has been granted, the next step is to order and receive delivery from one of our two fabrication facilities. Both Located in the Backbone of Downtown Fresno. It’s that simple! Stop by today or send us an e-mail and let us help build your next project.

Bring in your plans, preliminary drawings, or ideas to see how we can help you in the completion of your project !!!!!

Heavy Timber Trusses

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Yes, we manufacture heavy timber trusses, both structural and architectural. Holt Lumber will work with you and your design team to get you the look and design you're after. As one of the central valley's only heavy truss manufacturer's we strive for excellence. Built locally, we save you time and money from ordering from other out of state suppliers. We use a hands on approach to each project that requires heavy timber trusses, both commercial and residential. Built from Solid Sawn Timbers or Engineered Lumber, each truss is connected with laser cut steel plates to exact design specifiactions. Whether you're a homeowner or a design professional Holt Lumber will work with you through every step of the project.

You Can Truss Our Work!

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